Aug 03

Video from My Talk at #IM48

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Back in July I was honored to share the stage with some pretty impressive individuals as part of IM48 – “a road trip for people with ideas. Four guys, spending four

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months traveling across America to put on events that encourage people to bring to life their ideas.”

The other 4 speakers were Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEO software company; SEOmoz, Molly Moon, founder of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, Marc Nager (pronounced Naw-ger), CEO and co-director of Startup Weekend,and Kushal Chakrabarti, founder of microlending organization Vittana.

If you’re bored enough to listen to me for 17 minutes, check out the video courtesy of filmmaker Kelley Mattingly:


Jul 17

New Klout Perk from Chili’s Sizzles

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I know a few things: Everyone eats. All big chains give out discounts and freebies. And a Klout score of 60 is high.  So for a big chain with a sampling budget, as I’m sure they all do, then a Klout Perk is a great sampling program to test, as Chili’s is currently doing in an effort to push their new Chicken Fajita lunch special.

chili's klout perk

With over 1,400 stores in North America Chili’s is able to open this promo up to a pretty wide audience. And as I mentioned earlier all people eat. The combination of those two facts allows Chili’s to put a pretty high score limit on this perk. Most perks I see fall at around the 30-40+ range (20 is average, 50 is the top 5%). For this Perk Chili’s is starting at 60 and offering influencers a $10 gift card to spend on whatever they want, however the new lunches they are promoting start at just $6 so the gift card is enough to get you out with a lunch, a Shirly Temple (it’s lunch), and maybe only have to shell out a few extra bucks for tip.  Not a bad perk if you ask me.

See you at Chili’s?

Tweet Tweet!



Jul 10

Twitter get’s more important – All...

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Post by @abelmind

AdAge brought up a great question we have been talking about for months now. What if Teens prefer Twitter to Facebook? We want to ask the question: What does that mean for Klout?

“…Facebook’s generation-spanning popularity is partly to blame. In a world where it’s considered rude to turn down a friend request, especially from a family member, teens were suddenly seeing their aunts, uncles and parents in their News Feeds…”

I love my mom, but continually getting friend requests, likes, and comments from her 50 year old friends and family has me skipping the nightly Facebook logins.  Do I want this interaction with everyone I know? No. Sure, there are settings in my news feed to prevent the bombardment, BUT is this an online culture that teens/kids are just over and moving away from?

The type of interaction Twitter brings to the table is much different than Facebook. according to the teens AdAge has met and ones we have too, “Facebook is more about sharing content, whether it’s videos, photos, music, or articles. Twitter is far more conversation based… a place where teens can tell their friends what they’re doing or how they feel.”  This instant gratification platform is more important to the “new innovators” of the tech industry. I don’t think Adage is saying Facebook is an afterthought, but it may beginning to dwindle as a daily login for influencers.

What does this mean for Klout?

As Klout keep tabs on and measures the way younger audiences are using social media , more and more emphasis will need to be put on Twitter.  Specifically how people are beginning to prefer “conversations with interesting strangers” to Facebook’s “updates from the usual suspects.”  Very interesting thought on our society and youth. Another measurement for Klout will need to be Twitter “subjects”.  A sophisticated Twitter user can follow many subjects, monitoring a variety of conversations. All while using  a Twitter client like HootSuite,  and keep their influence hidden from the masses. To me, Twitter “subjects” is a greater differentiator to Facebook, than just immediacy.

Only time will tell if Facebook and Twitter will walk hand in hand in social matrimony. However this Adage article is spot on in its interpretation of teens and tech. All I know is my kid will probably be using an alias on twitter that only her friends know so that me and grandma can’t find her through a Google search. The 2015 Klout: You have influence, but who are you? @MyAnonymousDaughter




Jul 03

A Funny But Accurate Description of #Klout...

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Trident Rewards Gum Lovers with Cash, Not Gum

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Makes sense . A pack of gum, or even ten for that matter might not make an influencer feel special, but $250 to spend on concerts from Live Nation? Not too shabby. Not everybody gets 250 clams though. Like the Klout Perk mentioned in yesterday’s post from Rent the Runway, they are offering different levels of reward based on Klout.  The Trident perk takes a different angle however, rewarding influencers not by all up Klout score but the ranking on their brand page.  Here’s the breakdown: The top 10 influencers get $250. The top 100 get $100. The top 1,000 get $35.

trident klout perk

I LOVE the idea of brand pages because it allows a company to identify and converse with a core group of people who care about their brand on a continuing basis. I DON’T like the fact the top influencers are based on the number of +K an individual has in that topic. I’d prefer Klout’s algorithm to make the call on who is influential rather than “real” people clicking buttons.  Take for example the #1 influencer on Trident’s brand page, PR Girl Atlanta. She’s real hot, but I’m not sure if she’s real. Or a girl. Or cares about gum. “She” does however tweet a ton and have a boatload of followers but as you can see from her Klout profile her main goal on Klout is to get +Ks in Trident (yes, I gave her one…). Maybe that does make her a true brand advocate? The jury will remain out on that one for now. Ohhh, the mystery.

pr girl atlanta klout perk

In my opinion Klout should give brands the option to sort influencers on their brand page by science (their algorithm), not gaming (+K). While this may limit the number of active Klout users on the list it wouldn’t be at the expense of quality.

What do you think? (I realize the comment function is currently broke on the site so asking that question here is pointless. But you can hit me up on Twitter @gknutson)


Garth Knutson


The Social, Social Media Experiment is BACK!

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Late last week the one and only @abelmind had another one of his big ideas, and per the usual he just went ahead and executed it. Soon after with casual excitement he announced, “I just created a Twitter account called it’s anybody. I put the password in the profile so anyone can log in and post from it.”

Why? Just to see what happens. 

twitter its anybody itsanybody klout

What happened?

With just a few tweets the account was up and running.  The first few posts came from us, but quickly unidentified tweets came, and they continued faster and faster.  In the first hour we figured there were close to 50 tweets from random strangers.  Within 3 hours the account password was changed by a random stranger and our little afternoon experiment was dead. After tracking down the assailant and about a day of back and forth, pleading, begging and promises the password was back in the hands of young @abelmind. As of yesterday we’re pleased to announce the account is back up and the experiment continues.  As of today the account has 76 followers and has tweeted 136 times.  In other news, Blake, AKA @abelmind has become an expert on Twitter password settings.

What now? Let’s see what happens.

Happy tweeting, Anybody.


Garth Knutson


Jul 02

The Sliding Scale Discount, Tweeting Your Way to...

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New to my inbox this morning was a Klout Perk for Rent the Runway, a company that offers rentals of high fashion items.  Like that dress the Joan Rivers slammed at the Emmy’s? Well now you don’t have to shell out thousands to wear it once only to let it collect dust in your closet after your cousins wedding. Thanks to a partnership with Klout, Rent the Runway is offering influencers between $15 and $100 off depending on Klout Score.

The scale is as follows:

Klout scores 1 to 20: $15 off
Klout scores 21 to 40: $25 off
Klout scores 41 to 60: $50 off
Klout scores 61 to 80: $75 off
Klout scores 81 to 99: $100 off

It’s nice that my notification was customized to my score (61) letting me know my exact discount of $75. As Klout grows and their platform becomes more dynamic I hope to see more customization like this…Oh, and they should probably start splitting these perks out by gender, as after poking around for a few minutes I don’t see much (anything really) for dudes on there.


Garth Knutson


Jun 30

The Klout Perk I Don’t Want My Wife to Find Out...

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cheeked klout perk dating







I have a confession to make. I just sorta signed up for an online dating service. And I’m married.  But I did it for the sake of research, I swear. Truth be told my beautiful wife Arielle is sitting next to me now watching me write this post, so really, I’m not a bad guy.

While cruising the latest Klout Perks today I noticed one for a new online dating site, Pretty interesting idea. Instead of people starting online with singles searching each other out virtually, cheek’d offers business cards (as shown above) that they hand out in the real world,  driving perspective matches to their online profile page. I’m not here to provide commentary on dating, so I’ll leave my personal opinions to myself, however I will comment on how the Klout Perk is set up.  A couple things I find interesting.

First, a score of 50 is pretty high. With the cost of the cards being low (my assumption) I’m surprised they don’t lower the entry point down closer to 40ish.  But maybe social media hound dogs are lonely people?

Second, all of the topics seem appropriate with the exception of “social media”, however I agree with singling out that topic. Why? Well, people like me who are very active on social media are good people to reach out to with any new product or service. We’re social loudmouths, ready to promote, slander and share whatever comes across our virtual desks.

So while I’ll be recycling the cards when they come in the mail, I applaud cheeked and Klout for this one.


Garth Knutson


Jun 28

This just in – Don’t put your twitter...

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Post by @abelmind

There comes a time when we all realize that we will never rid the internet of “bombers”, “scammers”, and “hackers”. In a not-so-thought out but fun social experiment we decided to create the account @itsanybody  today and post the password in the profile description. We simply told people “login and post whatever you want… anonymously”. Try giving that a Klout score! Knowing there would be no recourse if the profile was hacked, we left the fate of the account to the world of twitter. In under 1 hour we had at least 30 people login and post something. At times it was humorous and at times offensive, but the goal was to make the profile 100% organic. The account was a tweet without a profile,  a fun and easy way to tweet without being recognized. Friends…. In 3 hours and 20 minutes that profile was hacked by the Dwight Schrute of the internet. What started on 6/27/2012 ended on 6/27/2012.

The culprit? William the 3rd. His blog says “I see what the world gives me, what I have, and where we intersect.” It looks like he intersected with the world at douche bag lane. William changed the email and password for the account, locking out the world from tweeting to their hearts content. To us it isn’t a big deal. So an account about nothing who is “everyone”, doesn’t seem that trollable. BUT it goes to show you that with every good thing, good opinion, and good post, there is someone there to ruin it. And they’re never anonymous.

Thanks, Asshole.


Anybody & Everybody


Kred Announces Kred Rewards, Works with Past...

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Early this week Kred announced that they are offering a similar program to Klout Perks called Kred Rewards. It’s no surprise, really.  Klout was the first to make it big in this space leaving the rest to play catch up. Peer Index, a UK company was the next followed finally by Kred as the last of the “big three” to offer products, samples and offers to influencers on behalf of marketers.

According to the Kred Blog, the company has five clients lined up for launch including SOL Republic, popchips, Zinio Networks, AVG Technologies and .CO Internet.

What I find most interesting about this announcement is that two of those clients have also run Klout Perks in the past.  A couple of questions then pop into my head. First – how will these two brand’s Peer Perks differ from the ones they ran with Klout? Second – what is the current user base of Kred vs. Klout leading to more questions of scalability? I imagine Klout has exponentially higher number of registered users but Kred has to start somewhere so I’m not hating on them. My gut says they’ve been contacting current/past Klout clients in an effort to drum up business. Cheers to that… very Glengary Glen Ross of them.

One thing is for sure, I’ll be on the lookout to see how the program rolls out paying particularly close attention to the popchips and Zinio perks, both of which have worked with Klout.

I’d keep going, but America’s Got Talent is About to Start.


Garth Knutson