May 14

Making A Movie, Doing Good With Influence

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Influence. Everybody’s got it, but in varying strengths and reach.

Bill Clinton = a lot, and wide reaching.

My neighbor Randy = a little, and none over his wife.

Rush Limbaugh = too much, and with too many people!

When people with influence use it to help others beautiful things can happen — like in the instance of Free Throw, a documentary film by my employer WDCW.

free_throwFree Throw
, now available free on Hulu was the brainchild and passion project of Court Crandall, Executive Creative Director and the “C” in WDCW.  In this case Court us
ed his well earned influence (as described in this TED Talk) to help raise the profile of deserving students from Compton High School who may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

To secure financing Court went to his friends, many of them influential in Hollywood (he wrote the movie Old School, among other things) to raise the funds. Many calls, emails, power lunches and generous, generous people resulted in the movie being made, but more importantly some very smart kids with better GPAs than me got to go to college.

Now is your chance to do a little good this week. Watch this free film then do something nice for someone with less of a voice than you.