Apr 17

Social Media Pairs Tiger Woods with Lindsay Lohan?

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Klout is pretty darn useful. Marketers use it to get products in the hands of influential people. Employers have started using it as for hiring (not sure I agree with that one). Hotels use it to upgrade guests (love this one, although haven’t personally benefited from it yet). And today I read on Mashable that a new dating service is using Klout’s API to better pair up searching singles using Klout topics.

This is a great application of Klout. Why? People lie in their online dating profiles…not that I know from experience… Taking data from Klout topics and supplementing it with online dating algorithms pulls data from outside the online profile and automatically updates based on what the user is currently talking about in social media (at least for the last 90 days).

I’m not going to say that people don’t stretch the truth on twitter, but probably much less so than on their online dating profiles. Now someone looking for prince charming and “long walks on the beach” is less likely to get stuck with a whiskey swilling, beer pong playing Neanderthal.

Now time for some real world applications of this ground breaking science using some of today’s hottest

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Match #1 – Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods:

Not because they both have addiction issues. According to Klout, Lindsay is already influential in Tiger, which means she’s got a thing for him, right? And Tiger is influential in Freaks. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Oh, and both are influential in Hollywood and Celebrities.










Match #2 – Ryan Gosling with himself:

I wanted to pair him with somebody, but he’s influential in himself (can you say ego?) and Rachel McAdams. I guess he’s still not over the Notebook…








Match #3 – Jessica Simpson with whoever will have her:

First I tried to get her back together with Tony Romo…those were the days… but Tony isn’t on Twitter. Then I thought why not John Mayer? After all her body IS a wonderland, but John’s Twitter activity is lacking at 0 tweets which doesn’t leave any topics for Klout. Is @JoeFernandez married???









Prediction — Klout will cut speed dating sessions in half. Just kidding, speed dating is perfect just the way it is.