May 23

Have Klout Questions? We’ll Get You Klout Answers.

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Next week What the Klout? Co-author @abelmind and I are making a trip down to San Francisco to visit the Klout offices.  Needless to say as “fanboys”, (that’s true by the way) as stated by frequent contributor Anthony Wing Kosner, we’re super excited.  But that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to ask the tough questions.

For all of you that won’t be at Klout headquarters next week but still have questions please let us know in the comments of this post and we’ll ask on your behalf.  Below are just a few of mine:

     When will you be onboarding new social properties into the Klout algorithm?

     Any new site functionality on the way?

     Are there Klout Android or Windows Phone apps in the works?  How about a mobile or tablet optimized site?

     What’s the worst consumer complaint you have ever received?

     Can I have a beer? Can I take it into the server room?

     Can you give me a Klout score of 101 just for a day so I can take a screenshot and send it to my grandma?  

Don’t be shy, let the comments fly.  We’ll see what we can do to get them in front of Klout’s top brass late next week.


Garth Knutson, AKA @gknutson


  • Tracy Stewart

    how often does Klout access our news feeds on each social network? my fb newsfeed hasn’t been accessed since 4/5, the # of +Ks I’ve been given hasn’t changed in over a month and I get and give them daily….whattheklout?

    • Garth Knutson

      Good question, we’ll add that to the list!

  • Annalisa Millo

    TOPICS. Where do these come from, how do they work, and where do these come from? Because I’m close to positive I’ve never posted/tweeted about Teeth:

    • Garth Knutson

      haha. Topics will definitely be a topic. Thanks, Annalisa!

  • Cvipul1

    I have been trying to understand use of Klout just by visiting website and playing around. Saying that not reading the literature just playing around? It would be wonderful idea to get an explanatory video for What is Klout. That would be of really good help.

    Vipul Choudhary

    CEO & Founder
    Todu Studio

  • Hmmiller

    When will they connect Pintrest? Oh, and selfishly, Trip Advisor?

    • Justin Sullivan

      Agree, with respect to TripAdvisor

  • jenx67

    I really am curious about whether or not Blogger will be incorporated into the algorithm and what impact blogging will have on influence.

  • Robinla

    So, how was the trip? Did you get the 101 Klout score for the day?