Jul 17

New Klout Perk from Chili’s Sizzles

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I know a few things: Everyone eats. All big chains give out discounts and freebies. And a Klout score of 60 is high.  So for a big chain with a sampling budget, as I’m sure they all do, then a Klout Perk is a great sampling program to test, as Chili’s is currently doing in an effort to push their new Chicken Fajita lunch special.

chili's klout perk

With over 1,400 stores in North America Chili’s is able to open this promo up to a pretty wide audience. And as I mentioned earlier all people eat. The combination of those two facts allows Chili’s to put a pretty high score limit on this perk. Most perks I see fall at around the 30-40+ range (20 is average, 50 is the top 5%). For this Perk Chili’s is starting at 60 and offering influencers a $10 gift card to spend on whatever they want, however the new lunches they are promoting start at just $6 so the gift card is enough to get you out with a lunch, a Shirly Temple (it’s lunch), and maybe only have to shell out a few extra bucks for tip.  Not a bad perk if you ask me.

See you at Chili’s?

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