About Us

Garth, AKA @gknutson first learned about Klout.com while reading a news story on his smartphone (HTC HD7) one sleepless night. After finding out his score was higher than Blake Abel’s he fell in love. With Klout, not Blake. When he’s not busy keeping up with the latest in marketing technology, Garth spends his days working as an account director at WDCW (AKA WONGDOODY) Seattle. Prior to that, he was at Wunderman Seattle for 6 years. He is somewhat of a workplace boomerang having started his career back at Wong, Doody, Crandall Wiener back in 2003 also as an account guy, but first as an unpaid intern / executive coffee maker for agency co-founder Pat Doody.

You can find Garth online by visiting Klout, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you think he’s not completely full of crap, +K him in Klout on Klout.


Blake AKA @abelmind got into Klout for competing interests when Coworker @gknutson told him one morning about the online influence tool. When he saw he was influential in Justin Bieber, he knew Klout would forever be his friend. In real life, Blake works as the communications manager at Wunderman Seattle. He is also an avid videographer, filming weddings and people.

You can find Blake online by visiting Klout, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and LinkedIn.

If you have 6 seconds to spare and like what he’s puttin’ down, +K Blake on Klout at Klout.

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