May 14

Feel Good Klout Perk with a Flaw

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Last week I got an email from Klout offering me a Perk from American Airlines.  Nice, I thought. Free anything from an airline would be pretty sweet.  The offer was a free one-day pass to the American Airlines Admirals Club® Lounge. Not bad I thought again. It’s no free round trip ticket to Paris, but who am I fooling, I’m not that influential.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 4.52.40 PM

I spend a lot of time flying between Seattle and Portland for business, so after collecting my perk in the form of a downloadable coupon I excitedly took to to see if I could use the voucher at either of my regular airports.  While there are 37 Admirals Club locations worldwide, neither of which are in one of my most traveled cities.

While I enjoyed getting the Perk, I wont enjoy using it. Because I probably wont get the opportunity.  If I were American Airlines or Klout, in this case I would have geotargeted the Perk to people residing in cities where the one-day passes are accepted, or perhaps to people influential in those locations, travel or other relevant topics.

You never know, maybe someday I’ll be in LA on business and take a nap and sip a gin and tonic at the Admirals Lounge. Until then I’ll just save the PDF coupon and dream.