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4 Reasons Klout Pisses Me Off:

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I love Klout, let that be known. After all, I do co-author a damn blog on the topic. Most posts try to be humorous, many we hope are informative, but this one is different. And it’s been a long time coming. I’ve held it back because I’m an optimist.  Klout has been and is still in Beta so a few kinks are expected, right? Right. But the fact (I use that word loosely) that Klout is three years old and it is still the buggiest site I use is just plain crappy.  A few complaints in no particular order:

1)      Navigation - For example, there are two places for me to click on the word “Perks”, but both take me to different places.  One showing past Perks I’ve participated in and another one with that and more.  Also, the “Home” navigation takes me to a different page than if I type in www.klout.com to my browser. Shouldn’t they be the same thing?

2)      Transparency - I’m not going to rant on about how the algorithm should be more open to users, in my opinion that’s Klout’s data and theirs alone.  But I do wonder why if the score is calculated based on data from the past 90 days, then why in the score analysis screens do they only chart out the past 30?

3)      Topics - I believe the Klout topics are accurate. BUT, only for heavy Twitter users like myself. Why?  Well, according to Klout about 85% of my influence comes from Facebook and about 15% comes from Twitter. But looking at my topics they are spot on for what I tweet about (marketing, advertising, technology, etc.) but NOT for Facebook. There I’m talking about food, coffee and what color my shoes are that day (seriously).

4)      Bugs – This is one of my biggest gripes. As a frequent Klout user it’s no fun to constantly expect one thing and get another. Or worse, to expect something and get nothing. Maybe this is just my fault for using Internet Explorer. Here is the latest buggy example, and the inspiration for today’s post.

This morning I received the following email:











Sweet, I thought! So I clicked through and saw this in the upper navigation on the site, reinforcing the email message:








And then I saw this:

Funny thing here is that according to Klout I am not influential in any of the required topics.









Oh, now I see. In order to truly be eligible for the perk I must add Red Bull as a topic:

This will require 5 +k. At least I have 9 to spare, right? Right, so I click on the “add topic” button.













Oops! I guess not.  Here’s the next message I got:















Later in the morning I received the following screen when logging into Klout.  I dig the humor in it, and after refreshing my browser the site was back to “normal” so it was no big deal really.  More than anything it just seemed like the best way to close out this rant post.













How does Klout piss you off?





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  • http://rizzn.com Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins

    Klout pisses me off enough to leave it when it dropped my score by 30 something points after no change in social network behavior on my part and rewarded me with a “perk” of working for a content mill (Demand Media). Eff that.

    The whole thing is pretty much like “Who’s line is it, anyway?” It’s all made up, there are no rules, and the points don’t count.

    I deleted my account and won’t return.

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  • http://www.dainbinder.com Dain Binder

    That is odd about the Red Bull Perk; I did not need to add the Red Bull topic. My text was:

    You’re all set!
    Your 1-year complimentary subscription to The Red Bulletin will begin with the July issue, which will be delivered to the address provided in early June.
    Red Bull is bringing someone’s amazing idea to life. Submit your big idea and vote for your favorites at Red Bull Launchpad: http://win.gs/rblaunch